Sanctuary of Light - John 1: 5

Service Times

Weekly Opportunities


Early Morning Prayer Service: 6:00 am

Lydia, WMU, MMU Fellowship: 5:00 pm


Church Choir Rehearsal: 5:30 pm

Discipleship: 5:00 pm


Mid Week Service- Bible Teaching/ Prayer Meeting: 5:00 pm


Champion Prayer Hour: 5:00 pm

Youth Fellowship (Every 2nd & 4th Thursday of the Month) : 5:00 pm


Early Morning Prayer Service: 6:00 am

G.A, R.A Fellowship: 4:00 pm

Sunday School Preparatory Class: 5:00 pm

Women Choir Rehearsal : 5:00 pm


Baptist Student Fellowship: 4:00 pm

Church Choir Rehearsal: 5:00 pm

Women Choir Rehearsal: 5:00 pm

Monthly Programme

Last Sunday of the Month:

Celebration Service: 8:00 am

Monthly Outreach: 5:00 pm

Miracle Revival Hour: 1st Monday to Wednesday of every Month: 5:00 pm

Church Council: 1st Thursday of the Month: 5:00 pm

Congregation Vigil: Last Friday of the Month: 11:00 pm



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