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Oct 18 | Multiply Your Talents

Oct 18 | Multiply Your Talents

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(Matthew 25: 14-30)

2. Everyone is endowed with talents(all resources at our disposal) by God

3. To Increase our talent, We must be Responsible, Reliable and Accountable.

4. God demands these Three Principles(Responsibility, Reliability and
Accountability) from all His Children.

5. Multiplying our Resources is easy, if we will first recognize the Master
(God) as owner of that resources.

6. God gives you resources based on what you can handle and according to your
capacity. Increase your capacity to receive.

7. Be determine and willing to INVEST the resources committed into your hand.

8. Every Christian must be conscious of the day of Reckoning – You will give
account of your Talents( Romans 14:12)

9. Your attitude to God is reflected in the way you use your Talents (Matt.

10. God is interested in the way we use our talents and He rewards good use
and punishes otherwise.

11. Summary

To multiply your Talents:
i. Acknowledge the giver
ii. Appreciate the gifts/talents
iii. Administer the talents correctly.

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