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Praise Before the Blessing


Thanksgiving comes early in Canada, the second Monday of October, but in the fall of 1977 it seemed to come a little too early for the small congregation in Dewberry, Alberta, Harvest had not even begun. In what seemed a sort of reverse providence, the usually sunny weather that we expect to have from late […]

God Holds the key

God Holds The Key of All Unknown

The HYMN, “God holds the key of all unknown” by Joseph Parker (1830-1902) and George Coles Stebbins (1846-1945) calmed my troubled heart today and I want to share it with you. I came across the wording of this reassuring HYMN first time today, during our on-board fellowship. Its truth struck my heart. “What if tomorrow’s […]

The Music Issue (Can a Christian Artiste Sing Secular Songs?)

A few days ago, there arose a Twitter storm of apocalyptic proportions over news that a young “secular” artiste was invited to sing during a church service. The young artiste is a Christian and the song performed was from his title album, God Win. One must assume that a song titled “God Win” sang in […]

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